FERDMAN David Lazarevich

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FYORDMAN David Lazarevich (1903 — 1970) is the Soviet biochemist, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946) and AN USSR (1939).

In 1925 ended Kharkiv un-t, till 1931 worked in Ukrainian biochemical in-those, in 1931 — 1937 — in the Ukrainian U1111 of work and along with 1930 in Kharkiv medical where in 1933 headed department of biochemistry. In

1943 organized and until the end of life headed department of biochemistry of muscles in Ying-those biochemistry of AN of USSR (in 1943 — 1957 the deputy director of institute), at the same time un-that was professor of department of biochemistry Kiev.

D. L. Ferdman published St. 150 scientific works, including 3 monographs devoted to studying of processes of a metabolism in muscles is normal also at pathology. In 1929 he found the fact of binding in muscular tissue inorganic phosphoric to - you with formation of glucose phosphate, i.e. for the first time pointed to existence of a phosphorolysis (see) glycogen in a muscle. He established a role phosphoric to - you at various stages of exchange of carbohydrates and investigated processes of disintegration and resynthesis of poppy-roergichesky phosphoric connections in skeletal and cordial muscles (see Vysokoergichespy connections, biological oxidation). Studying process of formation of ammonia in muscles, for the first time found existence of a glutamine in them (see), investigated its exchange normal and at diseases of muscles. D. L. Ferdman suggested to use drug ATP (see. Adenosine triphosphoric acid) of i for treatment of diseases of muscles, in particular muscular dystrophies, developed a method of its receiving. He is the author of repeatedly republished textbook of biochemistry, and also a workshop on biological chemistry.

D. L. Ferdman was an editor of a redotdel «Chemistry» of the 2nd prod. BME, the deputy editor-in-chief of «Ukrainian of the biochemical magazine», the deputy chairman of Scientific council of Academy of Sciences of the USSR on a problem «Biochemistry of animals and the person».

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and medals.

Works: Biochemistry of phosphoric connections,

Kiev, 1935; Exchange of phosphoric connections, M. — L., 1940; Glutamine in fabrics zhi

a wadded organism, Biochemistry, t. 7, century 1 — 2, page 43, 1942 (sovm. with other); Biochemistry of diseases of muscles, Kiev, 1953; Workshop on biological chemistry, M., 1957 (sovm. with Sopin E. F.); Biochemistry, M.,

1959, 1966.

Bibliography: David Lazarevich Ferdman, Uke. oioxiM. zhurn., t. 42, No. 1, page 133, 1970; D. L. Ferdman, To the 60 anniversary since birth, in the same place, t. 35, No. 1, page 153, 1963. T. P. Woman's.