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FEODOSIYA — climatic seaside balneogryazevy the resort of a steppe zone.

The Resort of Feodosiya is located on the southeast coast of the Crimean peninsula. Sanatorium «Rising» (one of cases).

in 116 km from Simferopol, in the bay protected from wind. Climate Mediterranean. The proximity of the sea, the Crimean foothills and the southern steppe exerts impact on the nature of climate. Annual average temperature 11,8 °. Summer hot; average temperature of July 24 ° (in separate days to 35 — 36 °); the heat is transferred easily thanks to an osvezhayushchekhm to action of breezes. The winter is short soft; average temperature of February 0 °. Temperature in the coldest months — January and February — often rises higher than 0 ° that is caused by hair dryers — winds from a height That - pe - Both, having height of 302 m above sea-level. Air of the resort is highly ionized, the coastal strip represents natural ingalyatoriya. Osadkov drops out a little (apprx. 400 mm in a year). Number of hours of sunshine in a year 2265.

The main to lay down. factors: the climate to lay down. dirt and drinking mineral waters. Klimatolecheniye can be seen off during the long period (a season of sea bathings from June to October); the bottom of the sea sandy flat, the melkopeschany beach lasts on 15 km.

Sulphidic silt mud of the lake Ad-zhigo, located in 8 km from F., and some other lakes in its vicinities on structure it is close to saksky dirt. In the neighborhood of the resort are available a mineral source Feodosiya with sulfate-chloride sodium water (a mineralization apprx. 4 g/l) and a source «Crimean narzan» with carbonic сульфатно-гидрокарбонат-но-магниево-натриевой water (a mineralization apprx. 7 g/l), to-rye are used as dining rooms and for drinking treatment.

In the resort sanatoria, boarding houses, rest houses, water mud baths function.

Sights F. the literary and memorial museum of A.S. Green and art gallery of I. K. Ayvazovsky are.

Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system with insufficient

€тью blood circulation are not higher the I stages, functional diseases of a nervous system, nonspecific diseases of a respiratory organs, associated diseases of digestive organs.

Contraindications: see Balneo

therapy, Mud cure.

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