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FENOLOKSIDAZA [KF; phenol, NADFN: oxygen the oxidoreductase (2-hydroxylating); synonym: phenol-2-monooxygenase, phenolase, a fenolgidroksilaza] — cupriferous oxidizing enzyme; catalyzes reaction: phenol +

NADFN + 02> catechol + NADF-of N + H20.

Fiziol. role F. it is not finalized, but it is known that containing F. blood cells of the person are elements of system of immunity (see); enzyme plays an important role in breath of plants, provides the answer to an izkhmeneniye of a functional state and participates in mechanisms of sclerotization at mollusks, Crustacea and insects.

T. it is found in cells of bacteria, plants, in animals and the person (in blood cells — its trunk hemopoietic elements, granulocytes and lymphocytes). At plants F. in the presence of NADF, recovering au quinones and p-x inona, forms an additional respiratory chain — from recovered OVER to 02, i.e. in combination with respiratory pigments (see) a fenoloksi-daz participates in oxidation of substrates of breath.

T. is a yellow enzyme (see); its molecule contains about 0,9% of copper and apprx. 20% of carbohydrates. Enzyme is active only in the presence of 02, except phenol interacts with/g - m - au cresols,/g - m - au chlorphenol-mi, aminophenols and/g - oxyphenyl-acetum to - that, and also with Resorcinolum. T. finds the maximum activity at pH 7,5. In cells F. it is localized on membranes (membrane-bound) and in cytosol (cytoplasmatic).

Activity F. define spektrofotometrichesk (see. About pitch tro photometry) on oxidation rate of the used substrate, and also gistokhy. by methods. Allocation F. from biol. material carry out most often by means of an affine chromatography (see) on Sepharose 4B, on a cut derivatives tg-aminobenzoic to - you and ethylene diamine, and also with the help gel filtering are immobilized (see). The purified enzyme is stored in solution of ammonium sulfate (NH4)2S04 at 4 °.

It is established that deficit of copper in a human body and animals - leads to decrease of the activity of membrane-bound and cytoplasmatic forms F.

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