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FENILGIDRAZYNOVA TEST — the histochemical reaction allowing to reveal by means of phenylhydrazine aldehydes and ketones in fabrics. Aldehydes (see) and ketones (see) are a part of many natural compounds or are formed in an organism as a result of various chemical reactions.

As a result of reaction of aldehydes and ketones with phenylhydrazine the zones replaced a hydra which are coming to light on decolourization in gistol are formed. cuts. Besides, phenylhydrazine-formazanovaya reaction is specific to aldehydes, as a result the cut is formed water-insoluble painted formazan. For carrying out reaction use the frozen or paraffin sections from the fabric fixed in formalin. As a result of reaction of structure, the containing aldehydic groups, are painted in red or red-brown colors.

T. items use also for blocking of aldehydes during the carrying out plazmalevy reaction (see), establishments of the aldehydic nature of the fabric groups giving positive reaction of Schiff (see Shif-f a reactant).

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H. T. Raykhlin.