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FENILALKILAMYNY — biologically active agents with similar chemical constitution. To natural F. belong adrenaline (see), noradrenaline (see) and tyramine (see). Phenyl of a lkilamina, received in the synthetic way and found practical application in medicine, iapr. Isadrinum

(see), a phenylephine hydrochloride (see), Pervitinum (see), Phenaminum (see), Phethanolum, (see),

ephedrine (see), etc., have adre-nomimetichesky properties (see. And drains about mimetichesky means), cause increase in the ABP, decrease in a tone of muscles of bronchial tubes, a mydriasis, oppress a peristaltics of intestines.

At the heart of a structure F. the following structure lies:

where Rx — N or - IT, R2 — - N or - CH3 and R3 — N, alkyl or other hydrocarbon radical. T. consider as derivatives phenyl of ethyl a mine (R2 — N) or fenilizo-propylamine (R2 — CH3); derivatives with shorter or longer carbon chain between an aromatic ring and a nitrogen atom possess low biol. activity.

Adrenomimetichesky effect F. is a consequence of interaction of molecules F. with adrenoceptors. Relative adrenomimetichesky activity F. at action on different cells and fabrics significantly differs.

Structure and fiziol. action numerous F. can be an example of unity of structure and function of chemical molecules. Character and efficiency biol. actions F. depend on existence and an arrangement of ON-GROUP in an aromatic ring representatives of group of catecholamines possess, so, most strongly expressed action (see); from distance between an aromatic ring and a nitrogen atom; from structure of a side chain when R-! or R2 are not presented by hydrogen atoms; from existence and the chemical nature of the hydrocarbon radical at amine nitrogen (R3). E.g., izopropil-ny derivatives F. unlike ethylderivatives do not collapse monoamine oxidase (see) and therefore differ in more long action owing to what, perhaps, exert exciting impact on c. N of page (see Neural activity stimulators). Vasoconstrictive action as much as possible at F. with not replaced hydrogen atomakhm at amine nitrogen (noradrenaline) if to a nitrogen atom it is connected CH3-grui-ia (adrenaline), then this effect is less expressed, and further lengthening of a carbon chain of the radical of B3 is followed by essential decrease in pressoriy properties and strengthening of broncholitic action corresponding F.

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