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FENADONUM (Phenadonum; synonym: Depridoi, Methadoni hydrochloridum, etc.; joint venture. A) — narcotic analgetic; 4,4-дифенил-6-диметиламино-гептанона-3-гидрохлорид.

On pharmakol. to properties it is close to morphine (see). Has the expressed soothing properties, the respiratory center oppresses, causes a miosis, has antibechic effect, raises a tone of smooth muscles of intestines and bilious ways, suppresses a peristaltics of intestines. Unlike morphine shows rather high activity at intake. At repeated introductions kumulirut. Can cause medicinal dependence. Earlier it was applied as an anesthetic.

It is excluded from the State register of pharmaceuticals.

V. V. Churyukanov.