FEDCHENKO Alexey Pavlovich

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FYODCHENKO Alexey Pavlovich (1844 — 1873) is the domestic scientist, the geographer, the ethnographer, the zoologist and the parasitologist, the pupil P. P. Semenova-Tyan-Shanskogo.

Ended fizi-co-ma a subject tiches a cue of f-t Moscow un-that in 1864 A. P. Fedchenko one of the first beginnings to study insects Moscow and provinces, adjacent with it. In 1868 — 1871 during trips to the Southern Turkestan he collected rich zoological and botanical collections in mountains of the Southern Tien Shan and Altai, carried out anthropological and ethnographic works. Its researches of the activator of a dracunculosis are of great importance for medicine (see) — parasitic worm. He proved to the first (1869 — 1870) that an intermediate owner of a parasite is the fresh-water crustacean — a Cyclops, and infection of the person with a dracunculosis happens at a proglatyvaniye to drinking water of the Cyclops infected with larvae of helminth. And. II. Fedchenko developed actions for fight against a dracunculosis, but in the conditions of imperial Russia they were not carried out. And. II. Fedchenko collected the richest helmintologic collection, using a method of a full research of corpses and carcasses of animals. Premature death did not allow it to study these materials. Further on the basis of this collection tens of new types of helminths were described. Name A. II. Fedchenko carries one of glaciers of Pamir.

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