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FECAL STONES (synonym coprolites) — the dense educations created in a large intestine from its contents. To. to. arise at long locks (see), connected with disturbances of motor activity of intestines and congenital anomalies of development of a large intestine (see. Megacolon ). They can be single and multiple, a spherical or oval shape, to 10 — 15 cm in the diameter; are often impregnated with inorganic salts. In a large intestine intestinal stones (enteroliths) created in a small bowel around a gallstone, the food remains, the hair accepted in medicamentous means often meet.

To. to. can cause pains and feeling of weight in a stomach, to lead to formation of the ulcers, decubituses and papillomatous growths on a mucous membrane of a large intestine arising in the course of healing of ulcer defects, to be the cause of partial or full obturatsionny intestinal obstruction, perforation of an intestinal wall, bleedings.

To. to. can be probed through a front abdominal wall on the course of a colon, and in an ampoule of a rectum — at a manual research in the form of painless mobile tumorous educations. At koprologichesky researches sometimes find traces of blood. Rentgenol, a research by method of an opaque enema reveals To. to. in the form of shadows on the course of a colon. Clinically and radiological To. to. can simulate a tumor of an abdominal cavity and be the cause of diagnostic mistakes. Differential diagnosis in this case is based on data of a fibrokolonoskopiya (see. Kolonoskopiya ).

Removal To. to. carry out by use of high doses of purgatives, oil or siphon enemas. If To. to. fell to an ampoule of a rectum, it can be removed with fingers or surgical instruments. At the phenomena of intestinal impassability make a laparotomy and reduce To. to. on a gut, without opening its gleam. If To. to. it is impossible to carry out on a gut, make a colotomy and delete a stone. Decubituses or papillomatous growths are the indication to bowel resection.

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G. A. Pokrovsky.