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FAYLDSA SREDA (P. G. Fildes, English bacteriologist, sort. in 1882) — a medium for allocation and cultivation of gemoglobinofil-ny bacteria, cultivation of meningokokk and streptococci. Wednesday is offered by Faylds in 1920.

Basis F. the page serves the peptic hydrolyzate of blood (a ram or a horse) containing the thermostable factor of X necessary for growth of bacteria. For receiving a hydrolyzate add to 50 ml of a defibrinated blood 150 ml of 0,85% of solution of sodium chloride, 6 ml of hydrochloric acid (ud. weight 1,19) and 1 g of pepsin. Duration of hydrolysis is 24 hours at t ° 55 °. Add to a hydrolyzate of a smetanoobrazny consistence for fluidifying 12 ml of 20% of solution of caustic sodium, lead up pH to 7,0, add chloroform (0,5%) and leave for 2 — 3 days, periodically shaking up.

For preparation F. villages add a hydrolyzate (5%) to a sterile beef-extract broth or an agar (after fusion). Chloroform is not deleted, Wednesday will not be sterilized.

See also Mediums. Bibliography: The multivolume guide to microbiology, clinic and epidemiology of infectious diseases, under the editorship of H. N. Shukova-Verezhnikova, t. 1, page 312, M., 1962; Fildes P. New medium for the grow h of B. influenza, Brit. J. exp. Path., v. 1, p. 129, 1920. M. S. Zakharova.