FAVR Vladimir Vladimirovich

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FAVR Vladimir Vladimirovich (1874 — 1920) is a domestic malariologist and the hygienist.

Ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that, then worked as the assistant to department of hygiene Kharkiv un-that. In 1903 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Experience of Studying of Malaria in Russia in the Sanitary Relation», there was professor a honey f-that Kharkiv un-that. Gave a course of factory hygiene in Kharkiv technological in-those.

For a number of years V. V. Favr collected materials on spread of malaria in Russia and in 1902 at the VIII Pirogovsky congress (see Pirogovsky congresses) made the report on malaria. After its performance the commission on studying of malaria in Russia under the chairmanship of G. N. Gabrichevsky was created.

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V. V. Favr conducted several expeditions for the purpose of studying of malaria to Transcaucasia and in the North Caucasus, participated in development of questions of sanitation and hygiene in Kharkiv, took part in fight against plague in Odessa.

It described a new type of a malarial mosquito, to-ry it called in honor of the domestic doctor N. A. Sakharov of Anopheles sacharovi. Later this species of a mosquito was found also in other countries of the South of Europe. In January, 1919 it was elected the chairman of executive committee of the Extraordinary commission on fight against a sapropyra. Having caught a sapropyra, died. Works: About studying of malaria in Russia from the point of view of the new theory of its distribution (through mosquitoes rotsd Anopheles), Works of the 8th Pirogovsk. congress, century 6, page 24, M., 1902; Experience of studying of malaria in Russia in the sanitary relation, Kharkiv, 1903.

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