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M. of J. Favre, the fr. dermatologist, 876 — 1954; J. Racouchot, fr. dermatologist, sort. in 1908; synonym: skin elastoidoz with cysts and comedones, skin knotty elastoidoz) — the dystrophic change of elastic fibers of skin at elderly men which is followed by formation of comedones and cysts. The disease was described Favr (1932) and to Cancer of m about (1937). T. — River. develops usually at elderly corpulent men on the sites of skin which are exposed to insolation (temporal areas, auricles, a nape).

Patogistol. the picture is characterized by dystrophy of elastic fibers and consolidation collagenic, dystrophy of appendages of skin (see), availability of perivascular inflammatory infiltrates, comedones (see Eels), cysts of grease and hair sacks (see the Cyst).

At F. — River. skin is thickened (sometimes soft), uneven, red-brown color, with wrinkles, comedones, yellow-white cysts are noted, it is deep располоя^енные small plotnovaty nodes; at it is long the existing process there are senile keratomas (see Keratoza), sometimes bazalioma (see).

The diagnosis is established on the basis by a wedge, pictures. Differential diagnosis is carried out from a krasnsha by eels, a diffusion elastoma of Dyub-reya and rhomboid hypertrophic skin of a neck (see Dystrophy of skin), and also with a dystrophic form of a violent epidermolysis (see the Epidermolysis violent) and keloidnsh a folliculitis (see).

Apply to treatment protective ointments, vitamin A, injections of a vitreous.

Forecast favorable.

Prevention is not developed; dispensary observation is necessary (in connection with a possibility of a malignancy).

Bibliography: Glebova L. I., etc.

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