FAVORSKII Alexey Vasilyevich

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FAVORSKII Alexey Vasilyevich (1873 — 1930) is the Soviet neuropathologist.

Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that in 1896, worked as the supernumerary intern of the clinic headed by L. O. Darkshevich. Since 1907, after three-year foreign team

of a rovka in G. Oppengeym, M. Bilshovsky, O. Vogt, Zh. Ba-binsky's clinics and in I. I. Mechnikov's laboratory, gave in Kazan un-those a privat-associate professor's course on anatomy and physiology of a nervous system. In 1910 it was improved in A. Alzheimer's laboratory where completed un-those researches on a patomorfologiya begun in Kazan

back tabes, then stazhiro

it vatsya in I. P. Pavlov's laboratory. Since 1912 — the manager. laboratory of clinic of nervous diseases Kazan un-that. In 1915 — 1917 the manager. several hospitals, chairman of Medical committee of refugees. Since 1918 professor of department of nervous diseases Kazan un-that. Since 1926 to the department chair of nervous diseases GUIDE V. at the same time was the dean medical f-that Kazan un-that. Actively participated in the organization of the High female courses in Kazan.

A. V. Favorskii is an author apprx. 30 scientific works devoted to a histopathology and clinic of a nervous system. He described a pathoanatomical picture of a compression of a spinal cord, investigated nerve terminations of an olfactory bulb, established a phenomenon of immunity of the lowest animals to botulinum toxin, developed a method of use at therapy back tabes of salvarsan, inoculations of malaria and a typhinia instead of mercury therapy. A. V. Favorskii the first in the USSR began to give a course of a patogistologiya of a nervous system.

A. V. Favorskii was a chairman Kazan about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the secretary Ob-va of doctors Kazan un-that.

Among A. V. Favorskii's pupils — P. I. Emdin, D. A. Markov, etc.

Works: To the doctrine about an acute mercury polyneuritis, Kazan, 1899; Materials to a question of pathoanatomical change of a spinal cord at its prelum, Kazan, 1901; Progress in the doctrine about anatomy and pathology of a nervous cell, Kazansk. medical zhurn., t. 2, No. 3, page 159, 1902; Effect of botulichesky toxin on the lowest vertebrata in connection with changes of their nervous system, Kazan, 1909.

Bibliography: Voroshilov

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