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FASCIODESIS (Latin fascia a bandage, a fascia + Greek desis binding) — the operation directed to stabilization, i.e. restriction of movements in a joint by means of a transplant from a fascia.

Serves as the indication to a fasciodesis patol. mobility of a joint. The principle of operation comes down to creation of an artificial sheaf, excludes edges or limits the undesirable movements in a joint (see the Tenodesis). Do a section on an outer surface of a hip and from a wide fascia of a hip excise the corresponding length and width (usually 2 — 3 cm wide) a fascial tape. The edge formed as a result of this defect of a wide fascia sometimes it is possible to pull together with seams, however it is necessary to be limited to a podshivaniye to them a deep leaf of a superficial fascia more often.

Depending on a problem of operation plan places for fixing of a fascial transplant to a bone. E.g., at the paralytic drooping foot it is shown front F. For this purpose create short subcortical channels in a distal metaphysis of a tibial bone and in bones of a tarsus. The fascial transplant folded longwise double is fixed to them chresko-stno, having established at the same time foot under a necessary corner. It is possible to carry also fascial plastics of linking of a knee joint at their damage to a fasciodesis (see. Knee joint).

At paralysis of gluteuses

of B. D. Chaplin offered miofas-tsiodez a hip joint — creation of an artificial sheaf between the basis of a big spit and the muscle straightening a trunk (m. erector spinae). This operation allows to stabilize a joint, but allows in the known limits bending of a hip at the expense of a muscle strain. At a miofastsiodeza do two slits: one on an outer surface of a hip in the field of a big spit, another in the field of distal department of a muscle. straightening a trunk. The lower end of a fascial transplant is fixed chreskostno to the basis of a big spit, and upper — to the specified muscle, having led him by means of a packer iod by a big gluteus to an upper operational wound. The hip joint is fixed a rigid bandage on 2 — 4 weeks, then carry out recovery treatment.

In a crust, time F. has limited use that is caused by implementation in ortopedo-travmatolo-gicheskuyu to the practician of new polymeric synthetics — the mylar tapes fully replacing fascial material which receiving is connected with an additional operational injury.

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