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FANKBNI Guido (Fanconi Guido, 1892 — 1979) — Swiss ped

of the Pacific Rim, professor (1929), the member of National academy of medicine of France (1966).

Ended medical f-t un-that in Lausanne (1919). Specialized on pediatrics, a pathological anatokhmiya in the medical centers of Zurich, Berlin, etc. In 1920 became the assistant to pediatric university clinic in Zurich. From 1929 to 1962 her head, at the same time professor of pediatrics of University of Zurich.

G. Fankoni is the author of St. 360 scientific works on urgent problems of the general pathology, pediatrics, medical genetics, etc., including a number of monographs, grants, the managements and textbooks, nek-ry of to-rykh are translated into foreign languages, including into Russian. Its works devoted to studying of infectious and viral diseases of children, inborn and hereditary diseases (see Fakkoni nefronoftiz), disbolism (including exchange of microelements), diseases of blood, a Gee's disease, mucoviscidosis (see), works on immunology, etc. are known. It one of the first applied streptomycin in complex therapy of tuberculosis at children. It for the first time described nek-ry syndromes (see Giperkaljtsiyemiya, Subsepsis allergic), including a form of an iron deficiency anemia at children, entered medical literature under his name.

G. Fankoni was elected the member and the honorary member of a row scientific about-in and associations. Was the president of the 6th International congress of pediatricians in Zurich (1950), the cochairman of the 13th International congress of pediatricians in Vienna (1971), the secretary general of the International pediatric association (1950 — 1965).


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Bibliography: Wiedemann H.

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