FANARDZHYAN Varfolomey Artemyevich

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FANARDZHYAN Varfolomey Artemyevich (1898 — 1976) is the Soviet radiologist and the radiologist, the academician of AN of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1956), the member correspondent of AMH (1960), zasl. deit. sciences of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940). The member of the CPSU since 1946.

In 1924 ended medical f-t Azerbaijani un-that. In 1926 organized the Armenia's first X-ray radiological department, and in 1927 — department of a radiology in Yerevan medical in-those, the cut managed nearly 50 years. The doctor of medical sciences since 1936, professor. Since 1946 the director of the M3 of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic organized by it Ying-that a radiology and oncology, his name was appropriated to Krom after V. A. Fanardzhyan's death. In 1956 — 1963 it was elected the member of Presidium and the aka-demikom-secretary of Department of medicobiological sciences of AN of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.

V. A. Fanardzhyan is the author of 150 works, including 20 monographs, the managements and textbooks. It established connection between changes of a form of a bulb of a duodenum and localization of an ulcer niche («Fanardzhyan's pattern»). Its researches are devoted to problems of radiodiagnosis of gastritis, stomach ulcer, a carcinoma of the stomach and gullet, fire injuries of a skull, heart diseases, respiratory organs, a large intestine, questions of use of a bronchography, a tokhmografiya, angiocardiography, fluorography, a rentgenokimografiya, problems of radiation therapy of cancer of various localizations, biological effect of ionizing radiation.

V. A. Fanardzhyan was elected by the honorary member of board of Vsesoyuz-

a leg about-va radiologists and radiologists, the chairman of the board

Ob-va radiologists, radiologists

and oncologists of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, «The medical radiology» of BME was an editor-in-chief of «The magazine of experimental and clinical medicine» of AN of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, the editor of a redotdel.

Also «the Sign of Honour», and also medals is awarded by the Order of Lenin, awards of the Labour Red Banner. Works: Radiodiagnosis of diseases

duodenal * shshka, Yerevan, 1933, 1936; The guide to radiodiagnosis,

p.1 — 3, Yerevan, 1934 — 1939, t. 1 — 2, M., 1947 — 1951; Questions of a radiology and oncology, t. 1, 6—7, 9, Yerevan, 1950 — 1966 (editions); Radiodiagnosis, M., 1951,

Yerevan, 1977; Radiodiagnosis of diseases of bodies of a thorax, Yerevan, 1957; Radiodiagnosis of diseases of a digestive tract, t. 1 — 2, Yerevan, 1961 — 1964; Radiological recognition of a single-chamber echinococcus of lungs, Yerevan, 1969 (sovm. with other); Value of rentgenovy beams in diagnosis of some diseases of internals, Yerevan, 1972.

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K. A. Kyandaryan.