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phagos devouring + prevention) — specific prevention of infectious diseases by peroral introduction of a bacteriophage to persons with high risk of infection.

The expressed effect during the carrying out F. F was received. d Erel-l and J. Morison during fight against cholera in India in 1927 — 1933, A. G. Nikonov, etc. — in East Pakistan in 1959. In the subsequent F. applied to the prevention of a typhoid, dysentery and other intestinal infections. Data on efficiency F. are contradictory. It is caused by discrepancy of the applied phage to the activator, distinctions in doses and schemes of use of a phage, shortcomings of the methodical organization of researches on studying of efficiency F.

To establishment of rational dosages of a bacteriophage (see) and schemes of a fagoprofilaktika development of drugs of dry polyvalent dysenteric and typroid phages with an acid resisting covering promoted. Necessary condition of ensuring efficiency F. systematic identification of strains of causative agents of the acute intestinal infections extended in various territories for check of a lytic range of drugs and if necessary for their enrichment is the new selected phages.

In the USSR for prevention of intestinal infections use dry dysenteric and typroid a phage in the form of tablets, coated of an atsetilftaliltsellyulo-za or pectin, liquid salmonel-lezny a phage of groups A, B, C, D,

E. F. of a salkhmonellez carry out according to epidemic indications in collectives with high risk of infection, at group diseases in organized children's collectives. T. dysentery carry out in preschool institutions, unsuccessful on this disease, during the period preceding seasonal rise in incidence at group diseases in organized collectives or families. T. a typhoid carry out at chronic seasonal rises in incidence, in the conditions of threat of emergence of epidemics (accident on water supply systems, milk plants, etc.) up to elimination of risk factors, and also in the epidemic centers.

There are no contraindications to a fagoprofilaktika.

See also Phagotherapy.

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T. G. Chanishvili.