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MEDICO-BIOT'S FACULTY LOGICAL — the faculty of medical institute training specialists in the field of medical biophysics, medical biochemistry and medical cybernetics. These specialists having modern preparation both in the specified disciplines, and in theoretical aspects of medicine are intended for completion of research institutes of a medical profile, and also medical schools.

In the late fifties became obvious that progress of medical science is inconceivable without profound knowledge of biophysics (see) and biochemistry (see). In turn, studying of these disciplines is impossible without serious knowledge of fundamentals of theoretical chemistry and physics. At the same time the level of teaching these disciplines in medical higher education institutions was insufficient and the program considerably duplicated the program of high school. Especially sharply deficit of specialists in the field of medical biophysics and biochemistry was felt during the development of problems of immunology, virology, normal and pathological physiology, medical genetics and other intensively developing medical theoretical disciplines.

These reasons induced professors of the 2nd MMI I. P. Lidov and M. F. Merkulov to develop theoretical bases for creation of the new, not having precedent in world practice of medicobiological faculty of the medical higher education institution intended for training of the above-stated specialists. This idea was supported by the academician V. V. Larin, to-ry took part in development of curricula and programs of medicobiological faculty (IMF).

The resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and Council of ministers of the USSR «About measures for further development of biological science and strengthening of its communication with practice» (1963) allowed to realize the specified developments. In 1963 in the USSR for the first time in the world the IMF at the 2nd MMI was organized. Originally at this faculty training of biophysicists and biochemists of a medical profile was conducted, and since 1973 preparation and kibernetik of a medical profile began. Since 1971 at faculty planned training of specialists for research in-t of a medical profile and medical higher education institutions of federal republics, since 1975 — for the countries of the socialist commonwealth began (GDR, ChSSR, NRB, MNR).

Training of specialists at medicobiological faculty of the 2nd MMI provides studying of mathematics, physics and chemistry of university programs with a combination to studying of medicine. Preparation is provided with forces of departments — biology, morphology, the higher mathematics, experimental and theoretical physics, experimental and theoretical chemistry, the general pathology, medical genetics, molecular pharmacology and radiobiology, immunology, biophysics, biochemistry, medical cybernetics and courses — physiology, microbiology, experimental and clinical surgery, therapy, pediatrics, psychiatry, etc. Increase in level of training of graduates of the IMF is promoted by carrying out educational process, practical training and implementation of theses on the basis of leading scientific issle-dovatelskikh institutes of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, to M3 of the USSR, M3 of RSFSR.

Originally annual plan of reception for faculty made 50 people, since 1973 it made 125 people, since 1982 — 135 people. From 1979 for 1983 1050 specialists are let out. Besides, 85 specialists for the countries of the socialist commonwealth are trained.

On the IMF urgent problems of molecular biology (see), molecular genetics are developed (see) and other directions of medicobiological sciences important both for medicine in general, and for practical health care, including a research of biological membranes (see Membranes biological), stability and regulations of biological systems (see. The biological system) is normal both pathologies and some other. The kompleksirovaniye of works with medical schools and research institutes Academy of Sciences of the USSR, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, M3 of the USSR, M3 of RSFSR, etc. is characteristic of scientific activity of IMF departments.

In 1975 the medicobiological faculty at the Tomsk medical institute was also open for training of biophysicists and biochemists of a medical profile. The annual plan of reception for this faculty makes 75 people. From 1981 for 1983 this faculty let out 203 specialists. Training of students is conducted both on the basis of departments of faculty, and on bases of branch of All-Union carat -

dialogical scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, branch of All-Union oncological scientific center of AMN SSSR, Scientific Research Institute of biochemistry, biology and biophysics at the Tomsk state university of V. V. Kuybyshev, etc. Scientific research is conducted in the field of studying of genetic mechanisms of development of atherosclerosis, nonspecific factors of cellular immunity, biological membranes, microcirculation, etc.

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