FACTORY Irina Sergeyevna

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FACTORY Irina Sergeyevna (sort. in 1924) — the Soviet pharmacologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1975). Member of the CPSU.

FACTORY Irina Sergeyevna

Having ended in 1948 the 1st Leningrad medical in-t, worked in Ying-those experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences in positions of the Art. of the laboratory assistant (till 1951), the junior, and then senior research associate; since 1963 the manager. laboratory of experimental pharmacology in-that (in department of pharmacology).

I. S. Zavodskaya published St. 80 scientific works, W. h 3 monographs devoted to pharmacology of neurogenic dystrophies of the internals caused by extraordinary irritation (stress). It together with employees decrease in maintenance of noradrenaline at neurogenic damages of internals is revealed that in 1971. By committee on inventions and opening at Council of ministers of the USSR it was registered as opening. Applying Neurotropic pharmakol, the agents who are selectively acting on various links of reflex arcs, I. S. Zavodskaya proved that the reflexes arising during the drawing on reflexogenic zones of extraordinary irritation become isolated in hypothalamic area and through efferent sympathetic fibers cause disturbances of fabric metabolism, first of all energy balance, and also function of bodies.

Under the leadership of I. S. Zavodskaya 2 doctor's and 10 master's theses are prepared.

She is board member Vsesoyuznogo and Leningrad about-in pharmacologists.

Works: Experimental dystrophy of a wall of a stomach and its pharmacotherapy, yew., L., 1957; Pharmacology of a peptic ulcer, L., 1965 (sovm, with Anichkovy S. V.); Neurogenic dystrophies and their pharmacotherapy, L., 1969 (sovm, with other); Influence of neurotropic funds for neurogenic damages of heart, M., 197 7 (sovm, with other).

S. V. Anikov.