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EZOFAGOKIMOGRAFYYa (Greek oisophagos gullet + kimografiya) ~ method of graphic registration of reductions of a gullet. It is applied to diagnosis of diseases of a gullet, at to-rykh its peristaltics is broken (an esophagism, a cardiospasm, etc.).

There are various ways E.: ballonokimograficheskiya, spo

sob open catheters, by means of radio-electronic isometric capsules, etc. For record of an ezofagoki-mogramma use the special probes terminating in the strain gage or a barrel at record by means of open catheters apply the stylets with one or several openings filled with water. The equipment turns on also chart recorder and the connecting sistekhma (tubes, electric wires). It is more preferable the multichannel systems allowing to fix at the same time along with registration of reductions of several sites of a gullet on an ezofagokimogramma the respiratory and deglutitory movements of the patient. Additional curves give the chance to record the beginning of deglutitory reductions, and also to distinguish the waves connected with swallowing from the waves caused by cough, deep breath, etc.

The sensors strengthened on a stylet enter to necessary level into a gullet and (unlike record of an ezofagotonogramma) ask the patient to do the deglutitory movements through certain time slices. Special sensors strengthen also on a breast and a neck of investigated. Having registered several deglutitory movements, the probe is taken on several centimeters and record repeat. On features of an ezofagokimogramma (deformation, increase or considerable decrease in amplitude of waves, up to their total absence, existence of additional teeth) can be judged the disturbances of a vermicular movement of a gullet characteristic of certain diseases (fig). So, at an esophagism waves of not peristaltic (spastic) deglutitory reductions of a various form are registered, various amplitude and long

Fig. of Ezofagokimogramma of a gullet in an upper third (a), an average third (b), the lower third (v) it is normal (I) and at pathology (II, Sh, IV); — record of deglutitory movements. / — the ezofagokimogramma is normal: at the repeated deglutitory movements investigated on curves accurate same complexes are registered; out of the act of swallowing they do not arise; II \an ezofagokimogramma at an esophagism: complexes of deglutitory reductions of a gullet have various amplitude and the form, sometimes there are additional teeth, deglutitory reductions extend not consistently from upper to the lower third of a gullet, and arise in one step (have nepe-ristalticheskpy character); III \an ezofagokimogramma at a cardiospasm (an achalasia of the cardia): complexes of deglutitory reductions of a gullet have the small amplitude, not peristaltic character, are expanded, deformed; IV \an ezofagokimogramma at a scleroderma: amplitude of complexes of deglutitory reductions of a gullet is sharply reduced.

st, it is frequent in the form of several teeth and peaks. They arise in one step, but do not extend consistently from upper to the lower third of a gullet. At a cardiospasm (an achalasia of the cardia) deglutitory reductions of a gullet also have not peristaltic character, the akhmplituda of waves is lowered, the negative wave reflecting reflex relaxation of a cardial sphincter is not registered. At a scleroderma the peristaltics of a gullet is weakened, in some cases deglutitory waves are not registered at all.

Contraindications for E. a serious illness of cardiovascular system, a respiratory organs, pregnancy, acute inflammatory diseases of abdominal organs are.

See also Ezofagotonografiya. Bibliography: Vasilenko V. of X. and

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