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EYZELSBERG Anton (Eiselsberg Anton Freiheer, 1860 — 1939) is the Austrian surgeon, professor (1893), the member of the Austrian academy of Sciences (1933).

After the termination in 1884 medical f-that Vienna un-that specialized on surgery in Paris, the Würzburg and Zurich.

In 1884 — 1893 worked in surgical clinic Vienna un-that under the leadership of T. Biljrot. From 1893 to 1896 professor of surgery Utrecht un-that, and from 1896 to 1901 — Konigsberg un-that. In 1901 — 1933 headed department of surgery Vienna un-that.

A. Eyzelsberg is the author of St. 120 scientific works, including several monographs devoted to questions of abdominal surgery, neurosurgery, surgery of epithelial bodies, operational treatment of a craw, development of plastic surgeries, etc. The modification of a resection of a stomach known as «a resection of a stomach across Eyzelsberg» is offered them. He is the author of the theory of a pathogeny of postoperative stomach ulcers and a duodenum (Eyzels-berg's theory), according to a cut they are caused by the ascending thrombosis of vessels of a stump of the resected epiploon, and also a venous vascular embolism of these bodies. Its works devoted to tetanus and questions of field surgery are known. He is the author of the textbook on surgery.

And. Eyzelsberg was the honorary member of German about-va surgeons, and also the member of a row international surgical about - century

of Works: feber Tetanie im Anschlusse an Kropf-Operationen, Wien, 1890; tjber die ausseren Bedingungen und die socialen Indicationen fiir chirurgische Operationen, Wien, 1893; Uber Ausschaltung inoperabler Pylorus-Stri-cturen, nebst Bemerkungen iiber die Jejuno-stomie, B., 1895; Zur Behandlung von er-worbenen Schadel-Knochen-Defecten, B., 1895; Krankheiten der Schilddriise, Stuttgart, 1901; Aus der Werkstatt des Chirur-gen, Lpz. — Wien, 1912; Lehrbuch der Ghirurgie, Wien, 1930.


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