EYKHVALD Eduard Eduardovich

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EYKHVALD Eduard Eduardovich (1837 — 1889) is a domestic therapist.

Ended in 1859. The St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy, worked in hospital therapeutic clinic under the leadership of N.

F. Zdekauer. It was improved at Y. Skodas and Op-poltsera (J. Or-polzer) in Vienna and in other foreign clinics.

Since 1873 extraordinary professor, and in 1875 — 1883 ordinary professor of hospital therapeutic clinic of academy. Since 1885 the director based but his initiative and partially on his means of the first in the history of medical education clinical in-that for improvement of doctors (nowadays Leningrad GIDUV).

E. E. Eykhvald belonged to a group of the leading domestic clinical physicians of the second half of 19 century promoting development of clinical medicine on a natural-science basis.

S. P. Botkin's contemporary, it developed the kliniko-experimental direction in medicine, was a supporter of functional approach to problems of pathology. He saw a problem of medical science in showing how «each external influence changes functions of a body», and considered that at the present stage of development of medicine by its basis the experimental physiology and pharmacology leaning on to -

a stizheniya of physics and chemistry are. Of its researches it was characteristic fiziol. direction. The most important of its works are devoted to questions of pathology of cardiovascular system and the general therapy. He developed percussion and auskultativny methods of a research at heart troubles, emphasized value of peripheric circulation, studied cardiotonic and cardiotoxic effect of caffeine, etc. In 1865 presence of carbohydrates at mucin was opened for them (see). It possesses also works on stories of medicine.

E. E. Eykhvald's activity exerted considerable impact on formation of clinical thinking at the end of 19 century what was promoted observation of the clinical physician, exclusive talent of the teacher and lecturer, a personal example of service to a medical debt.

Works: About colloid regeneration of ovaries, a yew., SPb., 1863; Critical review of medicinal methods of treatment, SPb., 1891; General therapy, 5th prod., SPb., 1892; About recognition of diseases of internals, SPb., 1893; Sketches of history of medicine, SPb., 1893.

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