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EXTENSIVE INDICATOR (synonym extensive coefficient) — the relative size showing how a separate part in relation to all studied set is big; it is expressed as a percentage, less often in per mille. AA. the item is used for the characteristic of structure of the phenomenon, e.g. structure of incidence of the population; at the same time E. the item specifies what share is made by one disease or group of diseases from their total number accepted for 100 (sometimes for 1000).

AA. the item should distinguish from an intensive indicator. It represents the relative size characterizing frequency, about a cut the studied phenomenon is observed in a certain environment or set. And health care to intensive indicators treat the most known in medicine incidence (see), birth rate (see), child mortality (see), a lethality (see). The intensive indicator is estimated on 100,1000, 10 000 and 100 000 inhabitants.

See also Statistics sanitary .