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EXCORIATION (excoriatio; lat. excoriare to rip skin; synonym: graze, scratch) — the surface defect of skin arising at its bruise.

AA. are more often observed at neurodermatitis (see), eczema (see), a prurigo (see), a mange (see) and other pruritic dermatosis, and also at psychogenic diseases of skin (see). Patients comb skin nails, more rare any subject. Usually E. happen linear, polosovidny or rounded shape. At injury of epidermis and a papillary layer of a derma are formed superficial E., and at destruction of a mesh layer of a derma — deep. Superficial

E. become covered by hemorrhagic crusts; at their epithelization of permanent changes of skin it is not noted. Deep excoriations at the so-called biopsiruyushchy itch which is characterized by deep injuries of skin can leave behind hems.