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EXCISION (Latin. excisio cutting) — operational reception of removal patholologically the changed fabrics or pathological educations by means of cutting instrument. Unlike enucleation when the deleted education is allocated from surrounding fabrics in the stupid way, as a rule, within a certain anatomic layer, at And. fabrics are divided in the acute way, and usually together with the education which is subject to removal the site of fabrics, adjacent to it, is occupied.

The broadest use And. finds in various fields of surgery for removal of hems, ulcers, hemorrhoidal nodes, new growths etc. And. the contaminated impractical fabrics is an obligatory part of operation — surgical treatment of a wound (see). And. edges of the granulating wounds it is shown before imposing of late secondary seams (see. Secondary seam ). Full And. patholologically the changed fabrics in connection with topografoanatomichesky conditions it is not always possible, but at malignant new growths full removal of tumoral fabric is the rule. At impossibility of implementation of this requirement And. the tumor should consider not shown. The defects of fabrics arising the ambassador I., eliminate with suture or any method of plastics (see. Plastic surgeries ).

And. contraindicated at impossibility of its radical performance when it is necessary to resort to an extirpation of body, a resection, amputation or when And. threatens with damage of a large vessel or a nerve.

And. it can be made not only with to lay down., but also with the diagnostic purpose — And. the site or all tumor for the subsequent gistol, a research (see. Biopsy ).

Equipment. Subject And. patol. education or the site of fabrics border with two cuts of an oval or rhomboid form. Capture him clips or tweezers, it is better for the site of surrounding fabrics deleted together with education at corners of the bordering cuts, and, slightly bringing up him up, excise the site which is subject to removal by the uniform block. After a hemostasis the formed cavity is taken in and put stitches on skin, at impossibility of sewing up of a wound use any method of plastics. In the presence of contraindications to closing of a wound, it rykhlo is tamponed. According to special indications apply drainage (see) a postoperative wound, aspiration of contents by its, especially active methods (see. Aspiration drainage )

I. N. Belov.