EVSTACHY Bartolomeo

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EVSTACHY Bartolomeo (Eustachio Bartolomeo, lat. Eustachius, apprx. 1520 — 1574) — the Italian doctor and the anatomist, one of founders of scientific anatomy. Studied in Rome, later was professor at the Roman school «Sapiyentsa» and the papal physician-in-ordinary. B. Evstakhy applied a method of a comparative and anatomic research of bodies of the adult and his germ, paid attention to pathoanatomical changes in bodies at various painful states.

In the book «Letters on an Acoustic Organ» (1564) it for the first time in detail described an acoustic organ of the person, including. acoustical pipe (see) — the connecting channel between a middle ear and nasopharyngeal space (tuba auditiva, s. Eustachii). A number of its works is devoted to the description of other human organs, including teeth, kidneys, nerves, veins. It described the semi-lunar valve of the lower vena cava [valvula venae cavae inf. (Eustachii)]; anatomic tables (38 drawings) found and published by Lanchizi are made (G. M of Lancisi) in 1714.

Works: Opuscula anatomica, de auditus organis, Venetiis, 1564, Linden, 1707; Tabulae anatomicae, Romoe, 1714.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der Hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch Bd 2, S. 447, B. — Wien, 1930; V i r-c h o w R. Bartolommeo Eustachio, Vir-chows Arch. path. Anat., Bd 60, S. 151,