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EUTHYROIDISM [Greek eu is good - f-lat. (glandula) of thyreoidea a thyroid gland + - osis] — the physiological condition of an organism which is characterized by lack of clinical manifestations of dysfunction (increase or decrease of the activity) a thyroid gland. AA. it can be observed at a number of diseases of a thyroid gland — an euthyroid craw (see the Craw local., the Craw sporadic), a diffusion toxic craw (see the Craw diffusion toxic) in case of its effective treatment and achievement of remission and recovery, autoimmune thyroidites and a hypothyroidism at adequate replacement therapy by thyroid drugs. In nek-ry cases surplus or a lack of hormones of a thyroid gland is compensated by various mechanisms, napr, at increase in function of a thyroid gland during pregnancy there is strengthening of binding of thyroid hormones blood proteins and the euthyroidism remains. t. l. Kurayeva.