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the agnostic test applied at inspection of patients with hypertensia of a small circle of blood circulation to approximate assessment of its reversibility; is determined by dynamics of amplitude of an atrial tooth of an ECG or the area of an atrial loop of a vektorkardiogramma after intravenous administration of 10 ml of 2,4% of solution of an Euphyllinum.

AA. to the item it is offered by B. B. Kogan and P. M. Zlochevsky in 1958. Test is based on ability of an Euphyllinum (see) to reduce pressure in a pulmonary trunk and the right cardial cavities if development of hypertensia is connected with functional (reversible) disturbances that is possible at a dekompensirovanny pulmonary heart (see) at patients with various pathology of lungs and vessels of lungs, including a thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries (see).

For conducting test at the patient in a prone position to and through 15, 30 and 60 (sometimes 90 and 120) minutes after injection of an Euphyllinum register an ECG not less than in three standard and three chest (Vi_3_5) leads (registration of an ECG in all chest, and also in single-pole assignments from extremities is desirable). Test is estimated as positive at decrease in amplitude of atrial teeth by 1 — 3 mm (at calibration of 1 mV = 10 mm) in assignments

of II, III, aVF, and also amplitudes of a positive phase of these teeth in assignments of Vl5 V2. Additional value have turn of an electrical axis of heart counterclockwise in the frontal plane, the shift of the transition zone in chest assignments, reduction of negative teeth of T in the right chest assignments. Test is not indicative in the absence of initial deformation of atrial teeth of an ECG. The false-negative result is possible if initial increase in atrial teeth is caused not by hypertensia in a small circle, and a vertical electric position of heart.

Treatment of patients with hypertensia of a small circle at positive eufillinovy test can be more effective and the forecast usually more favorable, than at patients at negative eufillinovy test.

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P. M. Zlochevsky.