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ETIONAMYD (Ethionamidum; synonym: Amidazin, Ethionamide, Iridozin, 1314 TH, Rigenicid, Thionid, Treca-tor, etc.; joint venture. B) — antituberculous remedy. Thiamide a-etilizoni-KOTINOVOY ACIDS, ILI 2-ETIL-4-

tiokarbamoil-4-pyridine; C8H10N2S:

Yellow crystal powder, low solubility in water. Is more active in acid medium. Selectively slows down growth of mycobacteria of tuberculosis, preferential human look. Works equally on inside - and vnekletochno the located mycobacteria, including steady against other antituberculous remedies. In high concentration slows down growth of photo and not photochromogenic mycobacteria *

acid resisting saprophytes. Does not influence others pathogenic microorganisms. AA. it is slowly soaked up from intestines and collects in the maximum concentration in blood approximately in the 6th hour. The hl is allocated. obr. with urine.

AA. apply at chronic and fresh forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis and tuberculosis of other localization, and also at a leprosy (see). Due to the bystry development of stability of mycobacteria to E. it is appointed in a combination with other antituberculous remedies, except for Prothionamidum, thioacetazone and a solyutizon (in connection with cross resistance).

Appoint at tuberculosis inside and rektalno in candles. Adults are given inside after food 0,25 g 3 times a day, at good tolerance on 0,25 g 4 times a day. For reduction of dispeptic frustration drug is used in tablets, coated, interfering its dissolution in a stomach. At bad portability, the patient with a weight (weighing) body less than 50 kg 60 years are also more senior appoint 0,25 g 2 times a day. A daily dose for children — at the rate of 10 — 20 mgyg, but no more than 0,75 g a day. In case of bad portability E. at oral and rectal administration solution of Etioniamidum of a hydrochloride (0,5 g) is entered intravenously kapelno.

At use E. dispeptic frustration are often observed, psychological, skin and allergic and hepatotoxic reactions are possible. For elimination of side effect appoint niacinamide, piridoksinony Patients with the lowered gastric acidity during food are recommended to accept a gastric juice, and with a hyperoxemia — antiacid means.

Use E. inside contraindicated at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum (irrespective of a stage of its current), the gastritis and colitis, severe forms of a diabetes mellitus, diseases of a liver which are characterized by disturbance of its functions, pregnancies.

Form of release: tablets, coated, on 0,25 g. Storage: in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not over 20 °.

See also Antituberculous remedies.

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V. V. Utkin.