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(Aethylmorphi-num) — an antibechic. Receive in the semi-synthetic way from morphine (see). In medical practice apply in the form of a hydrochloride (Aethyl-morphini hydrochloridum; synonym: dionine, Diolan, Dioninum, etc.; GFH; joint venture. A); C19H23N03 • HG1 • 2H20:

Inodorous white crystal powder, bitter taste. Let's dissolve in water (1: 12) and alcohol (1: 25). Pier. weight (weight) 385,89.

On pharmakol. to properties E. it is close to codeine (see), like Krom excitability of the tussive center oppresses and in this regard renders antibechic effect. However by efficiency E. concedes to codeine.

Apply hl. obr. for suppression of cough at hron. bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis and other diseases of system of a respiratory organs. Appoint inside the adult 0,01 — 0,03 g to reception, to children

2 years — on 0,001 — 0,0075 g are more senior (depending on age).

In Ophthalmolum. practician E. appoint in the form of solutions or ointments, 1 — 2% in the beginning. Further their concentration is gradually increased to 6 — 10%. At introduction to a conjunctival sac of solutions E. there is a hyperemia with the subsequent anesthesia and a temporary chemosis that leads to reduction of pains and promotes a rassasyvaniye of exudate at a keratitis, infiltrates of a cornea, irites and other eye diseases.

At prolonged use E. development of medicinal dependence is inside possible.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time — 0,03 g, daily — 0,1 g.

Form of release: powder, tablets on 0,01 and 0,015 g. Storage: in well corked banks from orange glass, a tablet — in the place protected from light.

See also Lrotivokashlevy means. V. V. Churyukanov.