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ETHAMBUTOLUM (Ethambutolum; synonym: Ambutol, Dadibutol, Dexambutol, Diambutol, Ebutol, Ethambutol, Mi-ambutol, Mycobutol, Tubetol, etc.; joint venture. B) — antituberculous remedy. (+) - N, N '-Etilen-bis-(2-amino-butane-1-ola), or (+) -

N,N '-bis-11 - (oxymethyl) - propyl] - an etilendiimi-pas dihydrochloride (dextroizomer); C10H24N2O2 • 2HC1:

White crystal powder, easily water soluble. Activity E. higher in alkaline condition. Suppresses growth of mycobacteria of tuberculosis, including steady against all other antituberculous remedies, with to-rymi has no cross resistance. Works equally on inside - and vnekletochno the located mycobacteria. Are more sensitive to drug of a mycobacterium human p bull types.

AA. it is well soaked up from went. - kish. path. The maximum level of drug is created in blood in 2 — 3 hours after reception. AA. collects in erythrocytes. Out of an organism it is brought generally in not changed look and partially in the form of inactive metabolites, it is preferential with urine, in small amounts with bile.

AA. appoint at chronic and fresh forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis and tuberculosis of other localization, and also at diseases of the lungs caused by nek-ry types of atypical mycobacteria.

AA. apply in a combination with other antituberculous remedies, is more often with an isoniazid (see), rifampicin (see Rifamycinums), Etioniamidum (see) or protion-yamidy.

At tuberculosis appoint inside once a day after a breakfast at the rate of 25 mg/kg to reception throughout all course of therapy. To children drug is appointed at the rate of 20 — 25 mg/kg a day, but by no more than 1 g. It is possible to accept drug 2 — 3 times a week on 30 mg/kg once (for adults).

Drug is usually well transferred. At treatment

of a tion (paresthesias, a headache, dizziness, etc.), an asthma, a bronchospasm, dispeptic frustration, rash arise them occasionally neurotoxic reak. A rare, but serious complication is decrease in visual acuity and disturbance of color sensation in connection with toxic action E. on an optic nerve. It is shown by hl. obr. at increase in a daily dose and in case of the lowered secretory function of kidneys. At the first signs of visual disturbances E. cancel.

For prevention and weakening

of neurotoxic action E. it is necessary to appoint drugs of vitamins of Vkh and Wb, ATP, to transfer patients to a discontinuous course of treatment, to systematically control a condition of sight and function of kidneys.

AA. it is contraindicated at optic neuritis, a retinitis,

to a tarakta, a diabetic retinopathy, pregnancy. With carefully

Stew it is appointed at the lowered secretory function of kidneys.

Form of release: tablets on 0,1; 0,2 and 0,4 g. Storage: in usual conditions.

See also Antituberculous remedies.

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