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ETAMINAL-NATRIY (Aethami-nalum-natrium; synonym: nembutal, Nembutal sodium, Pentobarbitalum Natricum, etc.; GFH; joint venture. B) — hypnagogue. 5-Etil-5-(2 amyl) - a barbiturate of sodium; C11H17N2Na03:

Inodorous white fine-crystalline powder, bitter taste; it is hygroscopic. Let's dissolve in water, it is practically not ether-soluble. Pier. weight (weight) 248,26. Aqueous solutions have alkali reaction, at storage and boiling decay.

On pharmakol. to properties it is close to barbamyl (see). Depending on the size of a dose shows sedative or somnolent action. In high doses causes an anesthesia.

It is quickly and rather fully soaked up from went. - kish. path. Apprx. 50% of the soaking-up quantity E. - the N contacts proteins of plasma. The most part (to 80%) E. - the monk

tivirutsya by N in a liver by a hydroxylation. Time of semi-removal makes 15 — 48 hour.

Apply as a hypnagogue. Sometimes E. - N use for stopping of spasms and a hyperphrenia.

As a hypnagogue E. - N accept in 30 min. prior to withdrawal to a dream 0,1 — 0,2 g. To children appoint 0,01 — 0,1 g depending on age. Sometimes E. - N enter the rivers-talno in suppositories or enemas 0,2 — 0,3 g. For stopping of spasms and at a hyperphrenia appoint intravenously slowly in the form of 5% of the prepared solution fresh aseptically on 5 — 10 ml. The highest doses for adults inside: one-time — 0,3 g, daily — 0,6 of.

For E. - N are characteristic the same side effects, as of other hypnagogues from group of derivatives barbituric to - you. So, AA. - the N breaks phase structure of a dream, suppressing the phase «bystry» of a dream. Next day after reception E. - N can be marked out the phenomena of an after-effect (slackness, disturbance of psychomotor reactions). However at use E. - these phenomena are expressed to N to a lesser extent, than at purpose of barbiturates with more long term of removal, napr, phenobarbital (see).

At prolonged use this is mynal-sodium possibly development of accustoming and medicinal dependence.

Form of release: powder and tablets on 0,1 g. Storage: in well corked container.

See also Barbiturates, Hypnagogues. century V. Churyukanov.