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ESTOTsYN (Aesthocinum; synonym: Di-menoxadol hydrochloride, Lokarin, Propalgyl, etc.; joint venture. A) — analge-

White crystal powder, water soluble and alcohol.

On ability to suppress cough-vy a reflex E. does not concede to codeine (see). As the analgetic works more weakly and is less long, than morphine (see) and Promedolum (see). Is less toxic, than morphine and its synthetic substitutes, to a lesser extent oppresses breath, does not exert impact on the ABP, does not cause locks and an oliguria. Use E. is not followed by dizziness, nausea, disturbance of cordial activity. Like Spasmolytinum (see Spasmolytinum) and to other drugs from group of aminoethers diarylfat to - t E. has spasmolytic and cholinolytic properties in this connection warns spasms of smooth muscles of bronchial tubes and intestines.

Apply as an anesthetic at the pains connected with spasms of smooth muscles at post-operational pains, injuries, by preparation to stomatol. to operations, for a labor pain relief. Analgetic action E. develops in 10 — 15 min. after parenteral administration and in 20 — 30 min. after intake. It amplifies under the influence of neuroleptics.

As an antibechic E. apply at the respiratory diseases and lungs which are followed by cough and the phenomena of a bronchospasm; at a bronkhoskopiya — for the prevention of cough and a spasm of muscles of bronchial tubes.

Appoint usually inside, the adult — 0,03 — 0,06 g 2 — 3 times a day. Sometimes enter under skin and intramusculary 0,02 — 0,04 g (1 — 2 ml of 2% of solution) 2 — 3 times a day. In the conditions of a hospital the single dose can be inside brought to 0,08 g, parenterally — to 0,06 g. The dose for children is established according to age. As well as other narcotic analgetics, AA. do not appoint to children up to 2 years. At prolonged use to E. development of accustoming and addiction is possible. In this regard drug is released with the same restrictions as morphine and other narcotic analgetics.

It is contraindicated at respiratory depression.

Form of release: powder; tablets on 0,005; 0,015; 0,03 and 0,06 g; ampoules on 2 ml of 2% of solution. Storage: powder and tablets — in the dry cool place.

See also Analgesic means, Antibechics. Bibliography: Yakhontov JI. N, etc.

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S. S. Liberman.