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ESSING of Rolv (Gjessing Rolv Ragnvaldsson, 1887 — 1959) — the Norwegian psychiatrist, the member of the Norwegian academy of Sciences in Oslo (1941).

ESSING of Rolv

Having ended in 1913 medical f-t un-that in Oslo, till 1920 Ronvik (till 1922) and Dikemark (Oslo) worked as the doctor in the northern (Arctic) regions of Norway, and then the psychiatrist in-tsakh. From 1929 to 1949 the director and the chief physician-tsy Dikemark. In 1949 retired and was engaged in generalization of earlier executed researches, gave also lectures in the different countries, in particular in un-those Toronto in Canada.

The main works of R. Essinga are devoted to studying of exchange in an organism of patients with a periodic catatonia. He established that the catatonic stupor and catatonic excitement in a phase of an exacerbation of periodically proceeding psychoses are the symptoms reflecting basic shifts proteinaceous and other types of exchange, and also disturbance of functions of closed glands. The leading role is played at the same time by either a delay, or the increased removal from an organism of nitrogenous slags — a so-called retentsionny syndrome. He attached great value for development of psychosis to endocrine shifts, especially dysfunctions of a thyroid gland and adrenal glands (in a phase of an exacerbation of psychosis standard metabolism raises and adrenergic activity increases, in a condition of remission these processes decrease). During a disease one shifts replace others. At the same time there can not be no full hronol, coincidence biol, disturbances and a mental state. R. Essing allocated two forms of a current of a catatonia: asynchronous asintonnuyu (adversely current) and synchronous sintonnuyu (favorably current). In therapy of a periodic catatonia he attached great value to hormonal drugs of a thyroid gland which, in his opinion, provide normalization of a nitrogen metabolism.

R. Essing was member correspondent. Royal medical - psikhol, associations of Norway (since 1938), the honorary member Danish psychiatric about-va (since 1947) and about-in some other countries. In the years of World War II was a participant of a resistance movement in Norway.

Works: Disturbances of somatic functions in catatonia with periodic course, and their compensation, J. ment. Sci., v. 84, p. 608, 1938; Some main trends in the clinical aspects of periodic catatonia, Acta psychiat. scand., v. 37, p. 1, 1961 (sovm, with Gjessing L.).

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