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(F. A. Esmarch, is mute hir., 1823 — 1908) — the method used in surgery for ensuring anemic and more anatomichny operating on extremities. It is offered by F. Es-markh in 1873. In a crust, time this method is used at recovery sinew operations, operations for deformations of fingers top and bottom extremities, at amputations.

AA. the lake is carried out by means of rubber bandage 8 — 9 m long and 5 — 6 cm wide and a styptic plait. Before bandaging the extremity is raised up for

3 — 5 min. and stroke it in the proximal direction. Then evenly impose elastic bandage from the ends of fingers to the center. Bandaging is made hardly. Having brought bandaging to the necessary level, the last course of bandage is fixed, then impose a styptic plait by the general rules (see the Plait styptic) and remove bandage, beginning also with the ends of fingers and watching coloring of skin. At correctly executed reception skin of an extremity becomes deathly pale, bloodless. With cyanosis the procedure should be started anew.

AA. the lake is contraindicated at inflammatory diseases of extremities.

Bibliography: Esmarch J.

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