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ESCHJERIH Theodor (Escherich Theodor, 1857 — 1911) is the German pediatrician.

Got medical education in high fur boots of the Würzburg, Strasbourg, Kiel and Berlin, then worked in clinics of a number of high fur boots, including in clinic of internal diseases in Berlin under the direction of Gerhard-that (Page A. Ch.

J. Gerhardt).

1902 headed department of pediatrics medical f-that Vienna un-that.

T. Esherikh gained world fame thanks to researches of microflora of the person (see), as a result to-rykh in 1885 it allocated and described colibacillus (see). Afterwards the sort of microorganisms combining gram-negative mobile sticks was called by the name of T. Esherikh (see the Escherichia). The diseases caused by these microorganisms quite often call eshe-rikhiozam. A number of works of T. Esherikh is devoted to the description of clinic of a children's tetany, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and also questions of food of children of early age. In the activity T. Esherikh attached great value to the organization of consultations for mothers on leaving and feeding of children, training of the medical staff working in child care medical institutions.

Works: Die Darmbacterien des Sauglings und ihre Beziehungen zur Physiologie der Yer-dauung, Stuttgart, 1886; Atiologie und Pathogenese der epidemischen Diphtherie, Wien, 1894; Diphtherie, Croup, Serumthe-rapie nach Beobachtungen an der Universi-tats-Kinderklinik in Graz, Wien — Lpz., 1895; Tetanie der Kinder, Wien — Lpz., 1909.

Bibliography: Finkelstein,

Theo dor Escherich, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 604, 1911; Peiper A. Chronik der Kinder-heilkunde, S. 166 u. a., Lpz., 1955.

Of H. Speransky.