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ERYTHROSES PIGMENTAL CIRCUMORAL (erythrosis pigmentata re-ribuccalis; Greek erythros red + - osis; lat. pigmentum paint; a synonym of a hloazm circumoral maiden) — the dermatosis of not clear etiology which is characterized by emergence around a mouth of slightly shelled erythema with the subsequent hyperpegmentation of an affected area.

The disease was described in 1923 by L. Brock. Assume that the photosensitizing cosmetics (are the reason of its emergence see. The photosensitizing means) and hormonal disturbances. Occurs seldom, preferential at women of young and middle age. Sites of a hyperpegmentation of brown-red color, are more often symmetric, are localized around a mouth, can be located also on a chin and on other parts of the face (pigmental erythroses of the person). The current is chronic, but intensity of an erythema and pigmentation varies even throughout short time. For reduction of pigmentation use ointments with perhydrols, akhromin.