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ERUCTATION (eructatio, ructus) — sudden involuntary allocation in an oral cavity of gas from a stomach or a gullet, sometimes with small portions of contents of a stomach. Normal in a stomach there is always a gas, to-ry stimulates motive and secretory functions of a stomach. The size and a form of a gas bubble of a stomach are defined by various factors, including depend on amount of the air swallowed during food, especially if food contains the increased its quantity, or at drink of gas cut fluid. The increased formation of gas in a stomach can be promoted by inclusion in a diet of such products as fresh bread, cabbage, peas, haricot, etc. Usually gas from a stomach imperceptibly, comes out insignificant portions through a mouth or the gatekeeper. At excess swallowing air or the increased formation of gas in a stomach intragastric pressure increases, there is a reduction of muscles of a stomach both simultaneous relaxation of a cardial sphincter and a spasm of the gatekeeper, as defines O. O. emergence can be conducting a wedge, a symptom at the diseases and states which are followed by disturbances of the mechanism of short circuit of the cardia (an incompetence of cardia, phrenic hernias, dyskinesia, a scleroderma of a gullet, a state after operation in the field of esophageal and gastric transition). In these cases major importance in O.'s emergence has not so much reduction of muscles of a stomach, how many decrease in a tone of a cardial sphincter. Quite often O. is the main thing, and sometimes and the only symptom of neurosis of a stomach, napr, aerophagia (see). The lake can arise also reflex at diseases of abdominal organs, napr, a liver, a gall bladder, and also at diseases of cardiovascular system (stenocardia, a myocardial infarction, etc.). However more often O. arises because of diseases of a stomach and duodenum.

Distinguish O. air and food. The lake air has no smell and taste, arises usually at usual swallowing air or the strengthened formation of gas in a stomach. A delay of gastric emptying, napr, at a carcinoma of the stomach or a peptic ulcer, the stagnation and decomposition of gastric contents resulting from it can lead to education in a stomach of hydrocarbons, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide that gives to O. off-flavor. At O. food together with gas small portions of liquid gastric contents come to an oral cavity. The lake food can be acid, bitter or even putrefactive. Usually acid O. is observed at a hyperoxemia of gastric contents or hypersecretion of a gastric juice, and also for the account to - t of fermentation at absence in a gastric juice salt to - you. Bitter O. is observed as a result of a pelting in a stomach of bile, and putrefactive — at long stagnation in a stomach and putrefactive decomposition of its contents.

For the purpose of O.'s elimination treatment of a basic disease is carried out. In all cases the diet without carbonated drinks and foodstuff is shown, it is long late in a stomach; recommend frequent meal of small portions. At hypersecretion of a gastric juice use of alkalis is shown. At the diseases having insufficiency of the mechanism of short circuit of the cardia in the basis use of Metoclopramidum and its analogs is effective.

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