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EROSION (Latin erosio corrosion) — the surface defect of skin, a red border of lips or a mucous membrane which is localized within epidermis (or an epithelium) and healing without formation of a hem.

Initially E. appears on skin at her mechanical irritation as a result having combed (excoriations), maceration and friction of the adjoining surfaces of epidermis (e.g., inguinofemoral folds); on a red border of lips and a mucous membrane of an oral cavity — at traumatization keen edges of teeth or dentures; and also on a mucous membrane of a neck of uterus (see the Erosion of a neck of uterus). For the second time E. are formed more often during the opening of bubbles, bubbles and superficial pustules at such diseases of skin as eczema (see), bubble and shingles (see Herpes), herpetiform dermatitis of Dyuringa (see Dyuringa a disease), a pemphigus (see), etc.

E. usually represents a bottom of a bubble of bright red or pale-red color, quite often becomes covered serous separated and crusts. At eczema and a dyshydrosis E., as a rule, punctulate, in the form of becoming wet «wells», at a pemphigus — extensive, having several centimeters a diameter. On a mucous membrane of an oral cavity, a red border of lips, is more rare on skin, AA. can appear without preliminary formation of a bubble after traumatization of an edematous and ma-tserirovanny epithelium of a surface of papules (e.g., erosive papules at syphilis, erosive and ulcer forms red flat depriving also of a lupus erythematosus), and also limited infiltrates (e.g., an erosive hard ulcer). AA. has the form and size corresponding previous morfol. to an element of rash. Clinically E. it is sometimes difficult to differentiate with superficial ulcers, however unlike an ulcer E. after healing does not leave hems. Sometimes on mucous membranes fresh E. it is covered with fibrin, in loops to-rogo there are neutrophilic leukocytes and the changed cells of epidermis. At nek-ry diseases on the periphery E. intercellular hypostasis and an exocytosis, sometimes — an acanthosis are noted; in top coats of a derma the inflammation of different intensity is observed. Bottom E. the basal membrane, nizhnelezhashchy layers of epidermis or a papillary layer of a derma make.

Treatment E. depends on the reason which caused it and localization of process. B. G. Stoyanov.