EROSHEVSKY Tikhon Ivanovich

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EROSHEVSKY Tikhon Ivanovich (sort. in 1902) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1963), Hera of Socialist Work (1972), the winner of the State award USSR (1975). The member of the CPSU since 1920.

EROSHEVSKY Tikhon Ivanovich

Having ended in 1927 medical f-t Saratov un-that, medical f-that was an intern, the assistant, and then the associate professor at department of eye diseases un-that (since 1930. Saratov medical in-t). In 1939 — 1949 the department chair of eye diseases and the deputy director on scientific work Stalingrad (nowadays Volgograd) medical in-that. Since 1949 the department chair of eye diseases Kuibyshev medical in-that and at the same time (till 1959) the director of it in-that. On its initiative in 1965 at department the research laboratory on studying of glaucoma is organized.

T. I. Eroshevsky published apprx. 160 scientific works, including a number of the monographs devoted to a keratoplasty, glaucoma, development of new surgical methods of treatment of eye diseases.

He for the first time in our country applied microoperations at the corner of an anterior chamber — a goniotomy and a goniopuncture, developed original operation — the getting goniodiatermiya.

Under its management the new method of studying of hydrodynamics of an eye is implemented in practice — tonografiya (see), the USSR's first electronic tonograf is created. For a cycle of researches on microsurgery of glaucoma and its pathogenetic justification T. I. Eroshevsky (sovm, with M. M. Krasnov and A. P. Nesterov) is conferred the State award USSR. A number of works of T. I. Eroshevsky is devoted to injuries of an eye. He is a founder of the first in our country bank of tinned tissues of eye. Under the leadership of T. I. Eroshevsky it is protected apprx. 40 theses, including 10 doctor's.

It is a member of presidium All-Russian and All-Union about-in ophthalmologists, the associate editor of the Bulletin of Ophthalmology magazine, editorial council of «The ophthalmologic magazine». Was a delegate of the XX congress of the CPSU, the deputy of the Supreme Council of RSFSR of the sixth convocation.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, the Labour Red Banner (two), «the Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Keratoplasty, Kuibyshev, 1961; Inborn children's glaucoma and its treatment, M., 1971 (sovm, from Tokareva B. A.).

Bibliography: Abramov V. G., etc. Life and career of Tikhon Ivanovich Eroshevsky, Zdravookhr. Grew. Federations, No. 10, page 45, 1973; T. I. Eroshevsky (to the 60 anniversary since birth), Vestn, oftalm., No. 1, page 87, 1963.

A. P. Nesterov.