ERMOLYEVA Zinaida Vissarionovna

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ERMOLYEVA Zinaida Vissarionovna (1898 — 1974) — the Soviet microbiologist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1963), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1970), the winner of the State award USSR (1943), one of founders of a medical bakteriokhimiya and studying of antibiotics in the USSR.

ERMOLYEVA Zinaida Vissarionovna

Upon termination of in 1921 medical f-that North Caucasian un-that in Rostov-on-Don the assistant to department of microbiology un-that and at the same time the manager. bacterial, department North Caucasian bacteriological in-that. Since 1925 the manager. department of biochemistry of microbes in Biochemical in-those of A. N. Bach in Moscow (since 1934 the department was a part All-Union in-that experimental medicine). Since 1945 director Ying-that biological prevention of infections. In 1947 on the basis of it in-that it was created All-Union research by in-t of penicillin (nowadays All-Union research in in-t of antibiotics), in Krom 3. V. Ermolyeva managed department of experimental therapy. Along with 1952 and till last day lives she headed department of microbiology and laboratory of new antibiotics and biologically active agents of a natural origin in TsIU.

3. V. Ermolyeva published 535 scientific works, including 6 monographs. Its main works are devoted to studying of cholera, immunity, antibiotics and biologically active agents of a natural origin. It for the first time allocated from a human body the shining choleroid vibrio, differential and diagnostic methods for identification of cholera and choleroid vibrioes are offered. In experience of autoinfection she proved a role of the changed forms of a cholera vibrio in an etiology of cholera.

3. Preventive are offered V. Ermolyeva and to lay down. drugs dysenteric, staphylococcal, polyvalent cholera bacteriophages. The last was used in days of the Great Patriotic War for prevention and specific diagnosis of cholera in yuzh. districts of the country.

3. V. Ermolyeva with employees received the first Soviet penicillin in 1942 (see. Penicillin ); number of domestic antibiotics, including. ecmolin (see), ekmonovotsillin (see), Bicillinum (see); new dosage forms streptomycin (see) and tetracyclines (see); the combined drugs of antibiotics, including Dipasphenum, eritsiklin (mix of equal parts of erythromycin of the basis and Oxytetracyclinum of the basis); in 1959 antiviral drug interferon (see), and in 1970 crystal lysozyme (see). She actively participated in the organization of industrial production of antibiotics in the country.

3. V. Ermolyeva created large school of the Soviet medical bakteriokhimiya. Under its management it is protected apprx. 180 theses, including 34 doctor's. She was a founder and the permanent editor of the Antibiotiki magazine, the deputy chief editor of the Medical abstract magazine, the associate editor of the international magazine «J. of Antibiotics» (Tokyo), the chairman of Committee on antibiotics (1956), and then the All-Union problem commission on antibiotics; the member of Anti-fascist committee of the Soviet women, the member of the Soviet committee of defense of peace, Council about-in friendship with foreign countries. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two), Labour Red Banners, «the Sign of Honour» and medals, and also a medal of Purkinye (1973).

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