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ERITROTsITOPATYI (an erythrocyte [y\+ Greek pathos suffering, a disease) — the general name of the diseases caused by qualitative inferiority and change of quantity of erythrocytes.

AA. are one of the most widespread patol. states, the wedge, manifestations to-rykh widely vary: from asymptomatic and compensated to incompatible with life. In development E. the variety of etiopatogenetichesky factors is noted.

AA. include the syndromes which are followed by reduction of a hemoglobin content and quantity of erythrocytes (see Anemia), and syndromes, at to-rykh a hemoglobin content and quantity of erythrocytes are increased (see Eritrotsitpoza).

AA. divide on hereditary and acquired. To hereditary E. carry membranopathies of erythrocytes (see. Hemolitic anemia), enzimopenichesky anemia (see), hemoglobinopathies (see), other types of hereditary anemias, primary (hereditary) hyperglobulias (see). Acquired E. are observed at an iron deficiency anemia (see), B 12-(foliyevo) of scarce anemia (see. Pernicious anemia), hypoplastic anemia (see), zhelezorefrakterny anemia (see), diz-erythropoietic anemia (see), autoimmune hemolitic anemias (see. Hemolitic anemia) and other types of anemias, and also the secondary (acquired) eritrotsi-TOZ. Yu. N. Tokarev.