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ERITROPLAKYYa of a neck of m and shopping mall and (erythroplakia; Greek erythros red + plax, plakos the plane, a surface) — the damage of a mucous membrane of a neck of uterus which is characterized by an atrophy of surface layers of an epithelium.

The etiology is not known. AA. arises on a vulval part of a neck of uterus. It represents single, the multiple, small centers of bright red or claret color of the irregular or rounded shape which are slightly acting over a surface are more rare. At microscopic examination flattening and an atrophy of a cover epithelium, expansion and a plethora of vessels, a hyperplasia (sometimes atipichesky) cells of a basal layer is noted. AA., followed by an atipichesky hyperplasia of cells of a basal layer, carry to precancerous diseases. AA. quite often accompany a colpitis (see) and a cervicitis (see).

The diagnosis is made at vaginal examonation by means of mirrors (see. Gynecologic research) and at a kolposkopiya (see). For an exception of a tumor it is necessary to carry out tsitol. research of a smear print, and also gistol. a research of the material taken at a biopsy.

Treatment consists in obligatory elimination of inflammatory process. At an atipichesky hyperplasia of cells of a basal layer diathermocoagulation or diatermo-excision are shown (see the Uterus, malignant tumors). Apply also a cryosurgery (see).

The forecast at timely treatment favorable.

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