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ERB Wilhelm (Erb Wilhelm Heinrich, 1840 — 1921) is the German neurologist; one of founders of neuropathology.

Studied medicine in high fur boots of Heidelberg, Munich, Erlangena; in 1864 in Munich protected dokt. the thesis on a subject

about picric to - those, its physiological and therapeutic action.

Professor (1869).

In 1880 — 1883 it. professor in Leipzig, from 1883 to 1917 managed department in Heidelberg and at the same time was the director of university neurologic clinic.

Scientific and practical activities of V. Erba are connected with clinic of nervous diseases; it possesses works in the field of studying of diseases of an oblong and spinal cord, peripheral nerves. V. Erb is the author of the numerous large researches devoted to muscular atrophies (it described new forms — the youthful progressing muscular atrophy, a myasthenia, etc.), back to tabes (he emphasized with one of the first communication of this disease with syphilis), to an inborn myatonia, a spastic rachioplegia (a disease of Erba), a tetany, an angiospastic dysbasia, etc. It brought a lot of new in the doctrine about electroexcitability of muscles and nerves at a tetany (a symptom of Erba);

V. Erb — one of founders of methods of electrodiagnosis (see) and electrotherapies; it described points of electric irritation of muscles and nerves (so-called point of Erba). Opening of so-called reaction of degeneration and miotoni-chesky reaction is connected with his name. V. Erbom was allocated the bulbar symptom complex later described by A. Shtryumpell and G. Oppengeym, the combined paralysis of a shoulder and forearm, etc. Many works of V. Erba at his life were transferred to Russian.

Works: Die Pikrinsaure, ihre physiologischen und therapeutischen Wirkungen, Wurzburg, 1865; Ueber einen wenig bekannten spina-len Symptomencomplex, Berl. klin. Wschr., Bd 12, S. 357, 1875; Die Krankhei-ten der peripheren-cerebrospinalen Nerven, Handb. spez. Path. u. Ther., hrsg. v. H. Ziemssen, Bd 12, Hft 1, Lpz., 1876 (Russian lane, Kiev, 1878); Krankheiten des Ruckenmarks und des verlangerten Marks, ibid., Bd 11, Hft 2, 1878 (Russian lane, SPb., 1881); Ueber einen eigenthumlichen bulba-ren (?) Symptomenkomplex, Arch. Psy-chiat. Nervenkr., Bd 9, S. 172, 1879; Hand-buch der Elektrotherapie, Lpz., 1882; Ueber die juvenile Form der progressiven Muskel-atrophie und ihre Beziehungen zur soge-nannten Pseudohypertrophie der Muskeln, Dtsch. Arch. klin. Med., Bd 34, S. 467, 1884; Die Thomsen’sche Krankheit (Myotonia congenita), Lpz., 1886; Winterkuren im Hochgebirge, Lpz., 1900, 1912; Bemer-kungen zur Balneologie und physikalisch-diatetischen Behandlung der Nervenleiden, Lpz., 1901.

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