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To ERASMUS With Johann Friedrich (year of birth is unknown, died in 1777) — domestic obstetrician and anatomist, doctor of medicine, one of the first professors (1764) medical go faculty of the Moscow university.

Got a medical education in Germany. In 1747 protected dokt. the thesis «About difficult childbirth at presentation of a head of a fruit». In 1750 it is invited to Russia. In 1756 acquired the right for medical practice; since 1757 professor of obstetric school for training of midwives and the policeman the obstetrician in Moscow. Since 1763 at it pupils of the Moscow hospital school studied obstetrics. In 1764 headed department of anatomy, surgery and babichy art on medical f-those Moscow un-that where worked until the end of life.

It is known several commencement addresses of Erasmus written in Latin and translated to Russian. They are devoted to a dietetics of pregnant women, difficulties of teaching and studying of anatomy, a condition of medical science in Russia; at the same time Erasmus noted considerably the best, in comparison with other countries, statement of training of anatomy. Erasmus emphasized value of studying of patterns of a structure of a body of the person not only for medicine, but also for other sciences. Also its works in the field of obstetric practice are known. Eraz-mus the first in Russia (1765) with success made operation of imposing of obstetric nippers [A. Levret's system]. He was engaged in also medicolegal researches. Organized the first dissecting room at Moscow un-those.

Erasmus was an active participant of fight against epidemic of plague of 1771 in Moscow; was the chairman of the board of doctors, took up a position of the shtadt-physicist.

Works: De partu difficili ex capite infantis praevio, Jena, 1747; Manual as to each person in general in a reasoning of a diet, and especially to women in pregnancy, it is necessary to support itself, M., 1762; About protivnost of the anatomic doctrine, amusement and great advantage of it incomparably exceeded, M., 1765; The Word about a present condition of medical science in Russia, M., 1768.

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