EPSTEIN Iosif Moiseevich

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EPSHTYOYN Iosif Moiseevich (1895 — 1980) is the Soviet urologist.

In 1922 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that (nowadays the 1st MMI). In 1922 — 1924 worked in urological clinic of the Higher medical school (see. Main clinical military hospital). Since 1924 its scientific and profession of a physician f-that was connected with urological clinic and department medical Moscow un-that, and then

the 1st MMI. He consistently held positions of an ex-sloe (1924 — 1926), the intern (1926 — 1930), assistant (1930 — 1940 and 1941 — 1948), the associate professor (1948 — 1949), the head of the department (1949 — 1968), professor-consultant (1968 — 1969). In 1940 — 1941 directed urology department of the City children's hospital No. 2 of

I. V. Rusakov. In days of the Great Patriotic War advised in a number of hospitals. Dokt. on the subject «Nephrophthisis» defended the dissertation in 1939; professor (1949).

I. M. Epstein is the author of 120 scientific works, including 8 monographs and textbooks devoted to a nephrophthisis and urinogenital system, physiology and pathology of urination, to wounds of kidneys and ureters, an incontience of urine, and also diseases of a bladder, a nephrolithiasis and anomalies of uric ways. I. M. Epstein — one of pioneers of implementation in urological practice of a number of X-ray radiological methods of a research (a pneumoretroperitoneum, a tomography of kidneys, infusional urography, radio an isotope renografiya, scanning of kidneys).

I. M. Epstein was a board member Vsesoyuznogo and the chairman (1963 — 1968) Moscow scientific medical about-in urologists, the editor «Urology» of the 2nd prod. redotdet. BME, member of editorial board and responsible secretary (1930 — 1941) of the Urologiya magazine.

«Sign of Honour» and medals is awarded the order.

Works: A nephrophthisis, M. — L., 1941; The Military injury of urinogenital bodies and its treatment, under the editorship of R. M. Fronstein, M., 1947 (a bus of a number of hl.); Incontience of urine, M., 1949; Radio isotope diagnosis of diseases of uric system, M., 1969 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Professor I. M. Epstein (To the 75 anniversary since birth), Urol. and nefrol., JsTe 3, page 92, 1970; Froome -

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