EPSTEIN Herman Veniaminovich

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EPSHTYOYN Herman Veniaminovich (1889 — 1935) is the Soviet parasitologist, the protozoologist.

N. K. Koltsov's pupil.

Ended in 1912 physical and mathematical f-t (natural department), and in 1915 medical f-t Moscow un-that. During World War I it was called up for military service and the hospital attendant - but - hygienic laboratory on the Western front managed.

Since 1918 the senior assistant to department of zoology of 1 MSU. In 1919 participated in the organization Ying-that infectious diseases img. I. I. Mechnikova (nowadays Moscow scientific research institute of vaccines and serums of I. I. Mechnikov). In are in-those he till last days lives headed protozoological department. Along with 1923 worked at department of histology biological f-that 1 MSU where directed (since 1924) the laboratory of a protozoology created by it at this department. In 1926 it was elected professor Ying-that microbiology of the National commissariat of education of RSFSR. In the next years, continuing work in Ying-those infectious diseases, managed the sector of diseases of fishes of All-Union scientific research institute pond and fishery of the National commissariat of agriculture, department of genetics of protests Ying-that experimental biology, department of a protozoology in department of medical parasitology of V I of EM of A. M. Gorky.

G. V. Epstein is the author of 45 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to parasitic protozoa (see the Elementary). The monograph «Parasitic Amoebas» (1941) published under the editorial office E. N. Pavlovsky after the death of the author, to a crust, time did not lose the value. In a number of G. V. Epstein's works results of studying of rickettsioses, spirokhetoz (see the Typhinia), leptospirosis are presented. Together with S. I. Tarasov for the first time in the USSR existence of the natural center of a hay fever in the central part of RSFSR was established to them (1928). Its researches on cytology of bacteria are interesting. Original methods of coloring uniform „elements of blood, and also parasites of blood were offered them.

G. V. Epstein was one of organizers in 1921. Russian about-tistvlogichesky about-va, the editor of the «Archive of the Russian Protisto-logical Society» (1922 — 1929) magazine, the scientific secretary of a redotdel «Bir-

login, Botany, Genetics, Zoology» 1 prod. BME.

Works: Pathogenic protozoa, spirochetes and fungi, M. — L., 1931; The Workshop on parasitic protozoa and spirochetes, M. — L., 1940; Parasitic amoebas.

M — L., 1941.

Bibliography: Pavlovsky E. H. Herman Veniaminovich Epstein's memories, in book: Epstein G. V. Parazitich. amoebas, page 3, M. — L., 1941, bibliogr.;

G. V. Epstein, Vestn. mikrobiol., epidemiol. and parazitol., t. 15, No. 1, page 5, 1936.

D. N. Zasukhin.