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EPISPLENITIS (Greek peri around, near + splen a spleen + - itis) — an inflammation of the capsule (fibrous and serous covers) of a spleen.

More often P. arises at inflammatory processes in a parenchyma of a spleen or bodies and anatomic educations, adjacent to it, in connection with direct transition of inflammatory process to the capsule of a spleen (e.g., at abscess, a heart attack, echinococcosis of a spleen, inflammatory processes in a stomach, intestines, a diaphragm). The item can develop in the hematogenous or lymphogenous way at inflammatory diseases of a liver, bodies of a mediastinum, lungs, pleurae, kidneys (especially at left-side localization patol, process). Quite often P. arises at sepsis, syphilis (especially inborn), tuberculosis. Often P. accompanies peritonitis, a polyserositis. Also injuries of a spleen can be P.'s cause.

Distinguish the acute and chronic Item. Acute P. is characterized by development of a serous, fibrinous or purulent inflammation in the capsule of a spleen. As a result of the organization of exudate are formed commissures (see), the diaphragms tying a spleen with the left dome, a body of a stomach, loops of intestines, a big epiploon, etc. Sometimes fresh unions break just as it happens at a shaggy pericardium, and there is a picture P. Odnako twisted-leznogo more often than fresh inflammatory changes, the effects of these changes in a type of thickenings and unions of the capsule of a spleen designated as adhesive adhesive P. Inogda meet thickenings on the capsule of a spleen have an appearance of separate dense whitish plaques or small knots. Such picture is characteristic of a so-called hron, nodose

P. Klien, the picture P. in most cases has no independent value as symptoms of a basic disease which consequence the Item was usually prevail. At a palpation of a stomach it is possible to note morbidity of a spleen, at auscultation — a friction murmur of a peritoneum. In some cases, napr, at a splenomegaly, the friction murmur can be so sharply expressed that it manages to be felt as a hand at a palpation of a stomach.

The diagnosis is established by means of a laparoscopy (see. Peritoneoskopiya ) and pneumoperitoneum (see).

Treatment is directed to elimination of a basic disease which consequence the Item is. At hron. Items use LFK and physiotherapeutic methods of treatment.

Forecast, as a rule, favorable.

L. M. Freydin.