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EPILYN (Epilinum; synonym of Dietifen-citrat; joint venture. B) — cure for depilation for mycoses. Couple - (V-dietilamino-etoksi) - fenilfenetil-ketone citrate; C21H27N02*C6H807:

White or yellowish fine-crystalline powder. Let's dissolve in water and alcohol; £ °p 119 °.

Has epilating effect. The hair loss comes to an end to 20 — to the 25th day after imposing of a plaster. Hair grow in 30 — 45 days.

The 306th epilation

In medical practice apply in the form of 4% of an emulsion epilinovy plaster (Emplastrum Epilini), to-rogo are a part: epilin 4 h, the plaster of lead simple 54 h, wax 5 of h, lanolin of anhydrous 22 h, water 15 of h

apply the Epilinovy plaster to depilation at treatment of a trichophytosis, microsporia, favus of a pilar part of the head. On reaching epilating effect carry out the corresponding therapy by antifungal means.

To adults and children of advanced age emplastic weight is applied with a thin coat on skin of an affected area of a pilar part of the head, previously shortly cutting hair on this site. After drawing emplastic weight on the centers of defeat they are stuck cherepitseobrazno with an adhesive plaster. Over a plaster impose compresseal paper and a gauze bandage. Dose a plaster according to the body weight of the patient: at the body weight of 10 kg — 2 g;

11 kg — 2,5 g; 12 kg — 3 g; 13 kg —

3 — 3,5 g; 14 kg — 3,5 g; 15

kg 3,5 — 4 g; 16 — 17 kg — 4 g; 18 kg —

4 — 4,5 g; 19 — 25 kg — 5 g; 26 — 30 kg — 5,5 g; 31 — 35 kg — 6 g; 36 — 40 kg —

7 — 8 g; 41 — 50 kg — 9 — 10 g; more than 50 kg — 12 g.

To children up to 6 years usually plaster once for 20 days, and to children of advanced age and adults — twice, with change in 10 days.

Side effect of an epilinovy plaster can be shown by a follicular hyperkeratosis, conjunctivitis, a blepharitis, sometimes a headache, nausea. At children of early age the uneasy dream, nightmares are possible. In such cases the plaster is deleted. Use of a plaster is contraindicated to children aged till 1 year, at diseases of joints and kidneys, a hyperthyroidism, a spasmophilia, feverish states, disorders of function went. - kish. path, diseases of a nervous system.

Storage: in densely corked banks (wrapped in cellophane or parchment paper) in the cool place.

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