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EPIDUROGRAFYYa [annate. (cavum) of epidurale an epidural space + Greek grapho to write, represent; a synonym a peridurografiya] — a method of X-ray inspection of an epidural space using radiopaque substances. Epidural call space between a firm cover of a spinal cord (see) and vertebrae.

AA. Sikarom and Forestye (J. A. Si-card, J. Forestier) by means of lipiodolum entered through a lumbar puncture was made for the first time in 1921. Now apply water-soluble iodinated radiopaque substances (Verografinum, Urografinum, triombrast, Iodamidum, etc.).

AA. it is shown to hl. obr. for detection of hernias of intervertebral disks, commissures and fibrosis of peridural cellulose. For a research use water-soluble triyodirovan-ny radiopaque substances of 8 — 76% of concentration (60 — 76% dissolve solutions with isotonic solution of sodium chloride). At E. it is possible to contrast separately a front and back epidural space. After administration of radiopaque substance make a X-ray analysis in the sagittal and frontal planes and in addition a tomography.

Cervical E. carry out in position of the patient sitting. The puncture of an epidural space is carried out between acanthas With vi — About Un or Cvn — Т^ to feeling of «failure» of a needle. Then through an aspirating needle administer X-ray contrast agent. At lumbar E. the patient lies on one side. The puncture of an epidural space is made between acanthas of the lower lumbar vertebrae (more often

Fig. of Epidurogramma of lumbar department of a backbone (a side projection) is normal (and) and at a protruded disk of Liii — Liv (b): normal front (1) and back (2) epidural spaces are not changed; at a protruded disk defect of filling of a front epidural space comes to light (it is specified by an arrow).

Lm — LIV) or through back sacral openings. Changing position of the patient, contrast an epidural space above or places of a puncture are lower, without allowing hit of drug in subarachnoidal (subarachnoid, T.) space since it can lead to damage of a spinal cord and developing of spasms.

Determine the level and degree of manifestation of a protrusion and a protruded disk (fig.) by the shift and local deformation of a front epidural space. The uniform pushing off of a front epidural space is a consequence of a reactive epidu-rit, total or its incomplete block indicates loss of fragments of an intervertebral disk or the intravertebralny growth of a neurinoma or meningioma of a root of a spinal nerve.

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