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EPIDERMODYSPLASIA of VERRUTsIFORMNAYa (epidermodysplasia verruciformis; Greek epi-on, atop + derma skin + a dysplasia; lat. verruca hillock, wart + forma form, look; synonym: a wart the disseminated, inborn disk-ratotichesky warts, a generalized borodavchatost, Lewandowski's dysplasia — Lyuttsa) — the rare skin disease which is characterized by widespread polymorphic verrukozny rashes.

AA. century Lewandowski and Lyutts (F. Lewandowsky, W. Lutz) in 1922 described.

The disease is caused by a virus, concerns, apparently, to group of diseases with hereditary predisposition. Patogistologiya: og

a ranichenny uniform thickening of epidermis at the expense of acanthceous and horn layers, vacuolar dystrophy of cells of basal and acanthceous layers with sharp pycnosis and fragmentation of kernels of the changed cells.


Disease is usually shown at early children's age, sometimes since the birth. On face skin, necks, extremities and extremely seldom on mucous membranes are noted simmet-

by Fig. A brush of the patient verrutsiform-ache an epidermodysplasia: on a dorsum multiple flat

small small knots

of an oval or polygonal form are located.

richno the located rashes in the form of flat soft small knots from 2 — 3 mm to 10 mm of an oval or polygonal form (fig.), light pink, rose-red or brown color reminding flat warts (see). Rashes are sharply limited, sometimes are located linearly and often merge (especially on the back of brushes). Many of them are covered with dry grayish-white scales. Rashes on the back of brushes, the lower third of forearms bo1 leu rough are also similar to vulgar warts. The localized forms E. meet century seldom.

The diagnosis is established on the basis by a wedge, pictures. Differential diagnosis carry out with flat warts, for to-rykh not harakterets prevalence of process, and also with a warty akrokera-toz (see Keratoza), to-ry it is characterized by emergence on the back of brushes, feet, forearms, in elbows and knees of small verrukozny flat papules of pinkish-brown color; at the same time the dot palmar and bottom keratosis and change of nail plates are quite often observed.

Treatment is carried out by vitamin A (inside), appoint a cryolysis of separate rashes.

The forecast life favorable, however in connection with a possibility of a malignancy of process requires dispensary observation.

Prevention is not developed.

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